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Monday, 9 July 2012

Summer 2012.

Afternoon all.  So since I last wrote my little boys are getting so big, life is hard but I enjoy every second I spend with my children. Aaron is now 15months old and Cody is now 4months. There both getting so big, Cody is starting to get his own wee personality and Aaron is into everything, up to all sorts of mischief. LOL. 

Other than basic mumsy stuff, I'm getting ready for going back to college in September. I'm really looking forward to it but my partner isn't. Though he wouldn't be complaining if I was going to work would he? Men ehh. 

I'm finding being a mum of 2 young children quite hard as there so close in age. Aaron gets so jealous if I'm playing with Cody too much and not being him enough attention. It's crazy. As a family we don't get to do very much as my partner works but not he's off for a week for the July holidays. So we will hopefully do some things together. We have had a few family photo shoots since Cody has been born. We went for one just the 4 of us and then my whole family went for one a few weeks back and we got big family ones done. They are lovely and we all had a great time.

Speak soon. 
Much love, 
Kirsty xoxox

Saturday, 21 April 2012


So its been a while, well over a month since I last wrote. Since my last post I've had my baby, I had another little boy, we called him Cody, he was born 12th March. I had an amazing water birth, was an amazing experience and would definitely recommend it! Cody weighed 8lbs 6.5oz. We've had lots of issues with Cody, he has really bad reflux, have had him at out of hours doctors a few times and our own doctor a few times, he's had a few different medicines to try and help it but nothing has worked. He has a hospital appointment for a scan to be done on his hip as he has a click in his hip and an uneven leg crease!! Nightmare. 

Aaron is adjusting well to life with Cody. We celebrated Aaron's 1st birthday just a few weeks ago. He's such a big boy, walking away and just being a wee torture. LOL. I love being a mum, but having 2 babies is a handful and very tiring!! 

My OH just expects me to be able to do EVERYTHING plus look after Aaron and Cody whilst he does NOTHING.. Grrrr.. Makes me so bloody angry. MEN!!!!

Lots of love Kirsty, Aaron & Cody xoxoxoxoxox

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Tuesday 6th March 2012 

So I was up all night last night in agony with bad pains in my stomach. They started after I had sex with my OH. They started at about 12 and I didn't get to sleep until about 4.30AM. I phoned the DOU (out of hours midwife) at 3AM they told me to take 2 paracetamol and have a hot bath. I took 2 paracetamol but never had a bath as well it was 3AM and there was no hot water. When I woke up this morning at 7.10AM  the pains had pretty much gone but was still getting the other odd one here and there. I left it and fell back asleep at about 8ish. Woke up around 9AM and the pains were still there so I phoned the DOU again, they tried to leave me again and told me to take more paracetamol again but I said I wanted to be checked. 

My OH took the day off work as he wanted me to be checked aswel. We made arrangements to take Aaron to his mums for the morning. We dropped him off there at 10.15AM and went to the hospital. They got me to give them a urine sample and then did my obs. The midwife went away and then came back to do a check (internal) turns out I am 3-4cms dilated. But as I am not established enough she said for me to go home and relax and just wait for things to progress more. She said I was too happy for to be in late stages of labour. LOL. 

So I am now home sitting on my sofa. Aaron is away with his Auntie Trish for the day, my OH and Grandma have tidied my house & done my dishes.. Think I might go for a sleep now as I am tired after being up all night.. Just hope I don't have to wait much longer for my little baby to show his/her face. As I am extremely excited now.. :) 

Speak soon. 
Much love
Kirsty & Bump xxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 5 March 2012

Monday 5th March 2012

Madness is all I can say. So on Saturday my OH didn't take long doing his job but decided that he was going to the bar instead of spend some time with his family. So I went to my mum & dads for a while then shopping with Claire and Aaron. When I was @ my mum & dads they were telling me that my brother Jason had been out the night before and didn't get in until 7:30am that morning. And he was still drunk when he got in to the house, as he had been sleeping in his car until 9:30am! Madness.. Then on Saturday night Samuel took Aaron & I to the chinese for dinner. When we got back from dinner Grandma came down to see us. Whilst my Granda took Jason to his friends house. 

Dinner was nice but Aaron got fed up so easy, plus Samuel was drunk so I didn't like being out for dinner with him when he was drunk. When we got home and Grandma and Granda had left Samuel decided he was still hungry so he ordered a chinese again. So he got that and ate it then we went to bed. On Sunday we got up quite early for a Sunday and went to the car boot sale. Nice we walk round and Samuel got new work boots and a sign for outside the house. Then Samuel went and swapped his car with some fellas Honda Civic. When he came back I handed him Aaron and went to bed for a sleep, only planned on going up for a half hour. When I woke up Aaron was in bed beside me sleeping and it was 7PM!! Aaron woke up @ 7:15PM. I went downstairs to find Samuel doing the dishes and cleaning up in the kitchen. I had a wee tidy up round the living room. 

Grandma, Granda and Auntie Trish came down to see us for a while. Samuel had to show my Granda his new car and everything. We played away with Aaron. Once they left the 3 of us chilled on the sofa and eat ice lollies. Once we had watched some tv we were all ready for bed. Even though Aaron & I had only got up 3hours before. So I got Aarons bottles made up and we all went to bed. Aaron was in his cot sleeping for 10:30PM ( I know what some might think, he's 11months old he should be in bed for 7:30PM but when my son goes that early hes up 3hours later, wide awake). 

Monday morning (today) Got woke up by my mother phoning me @ 9:30AM wanting to know if we were up. Well Yes Mother now we are!! She came round and took Aaron to Mother&Toddlers in my Church. I showered and wash few bottles etc. Claire came over and we had a chit chat & a cuppa. I just love relaxing whilst Aaron is away. When they came back from M&T we had a cuppa and then Mum went to go to work. Aaron & I had some food. Then we played and then went to the shop to get bread, electric etc. Aaron fell asleep in the car. He only woke as I started typing this. Since we got back from the shop, my cousin Julie has been over having a look @ Samuels car. I think she's going to buy it! 

This week in general  is just full of madness. On Thursday Samuel will be taking the day off work to go to a court hearing, about an incident that happened to him on January 29th 2011. He got attacked leaving a bar on the night of my baby shower, he broke his foot. Ended up having to have an operation on his foot where he got 2 screws put into it. He was out of work until June/July 2011. He was unable to help me do basic things with our newborn son, during labour he was useless. Unfortunately he didn't know who had attacked  him. But anyway the court hearing is to see if he can get a claim. Those 6months that he was out of work left him out of pocket. He deserves some kind of compensation. I just hope he gets the claim. On Friday it is my term appointment. So if I haven't had baby since then I will need to get scanned.. So I hope that goes well.. 

Well I best shoot on and play with Aaron! 
Speak soon.. 
Much love 
Kirsty, Aaron & Bump xxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Day 2: College plans & grandmothers

Saturday 03rd March 2012

So last night my friend came to see me, we just sat and had a girly catch up, got some chinese and talked.. Well until my grandmother came for a visit. As much as I love my grandmother her coming down every night can be a bit much at times, especially when my friends are there.. Can she not see that we're having a catch up? And then she has the cheek to tell me that it's not a good idea for me to go back to education in September!! 

I'll explain, I have decided that I want to become a Midwife and obviously to do that I need the qualifications. So I have applied to go back to college in September and get my Health and Social care qualification and then I can go to Uni from there and do my 3year Midwifery course. It's what I want to do and I know if I put it off much longer I won't ever go and do it. So I'm taking the bull by the horns and making a start to getting there. fair enough I might not get into the course but I am trying. I don't want to continue being on benefits the rest of my life I want to make something off myself.. Yes I am a mother and I love that but I want to be able to provide for my children, give them the life I had as a child and I can't do that if only there father is working. So anyway she sat and told me that she thought it was stupid and how was I going to cope with going to college and looking after 2 children and a house. Well the same way every working mother copes. I will just do it and will need help from there father obviously.. Yes I might not have thought about it completely but I need to see if I am going to get into the course or not before I start making plans. 

My grandmother isn't the only person to put me down about this as my own mother has and my OH mother and sister have!! Since when was wanting to better your life a  bad thing??? Most people would be proud that I am trying to better my life for my children but no not in this family.. I'm being stupid!! Yes my children are young and all but why not start now? I will get my college course for free as I am 19 so why wait 2-3 years and have to pay for it as well as when I go to uni?? They will all just have to accept that it's what I want to do and it's what I am going to do.. Not just for my children but for me to. It will make me feel good about myself. Is that so bad?? Wanting to feel good about myself? Like I am actually going to achieve something? 

I probably won't be able to BLOG most days as I will have Aaron but as I don't have him today, well at the minute I am able to. I will try though as so far it is a great place for me to just let you know how I am feeling. To get it off my chest. Well I suppose I may do some cleaning whilst I am baby free.. 

Write soon.. 
Much love 
Kirsty & Bump xxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 2 March 2012

First entry: Night alone

Friday 2nd March 2012

So I guess as this is my first entry I should tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Kirsty I'm 19 and have a little boy called Aaron who is 11months old. I am 38+5weeks pregnant. Completely nervous but also so excited! I live on my own with Aaron, but have a fiance who is Aaron's daddy. We get on most of the time but he's completely useless in my opinion! I do absolutely everything for Aaron and feel like he does nothing for Aaron or myself.. Anyways don't think there's anything else to tell you about my personal life. 

Here goes.. 

Tonight I am alone, Aaron's with his Granny and Granda for the night and I my OH is out working. I won't be long for much longer as my best friend is coming to see me. I haven't seen her in ages! I guess my reason for creating this blog is because I need somewhere to write about how I feel and what all has been going on with my day to day life. Somewhere to vent my anger, frustration etc. as I have plenty of that!! As of recent things have been shakey in my relationship, there's been a few incidents where a bit of violence has been used and I have forgiven but find very hard to forget. Which I think is normal to find it hard to forget something like that. 

Pregnancy has been harder this time round as I have had a lot of problems with my hips and pelvis. My midwife says it's because my body never got a chance to completely go back to normal after having Aaron. For the last week now I have been getting crampy achey pains in my lower stomach and back, my midwife has said that's the baby's head moving down. But I don't get how she can say that if she never give me a complete exam, I mean I could be in labour for all she knows.. But apparently you can't be in labour for more than a few days.. I'm just hoping the baby makes an appearance soon as I am extremely uncomfortable! 

Well I best go as my friend will be here very soon and I really need to pee! LOL 
Speak to you soon.. 
Much love, 
Kirsty & bump xxxxx